Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Reviews

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Reviews

The Surefeed microchip pet feeder is basically one of the most popular pet bowls that can access the authorized food. The registered pet identifies the pet that has a proper microchip. When it enters near the bowl, the lid will easily pull back to provide the pet with food. This feeder consists of the capacity for your pet to weigh the food perfectly. The lid is much sealed as it will only open if an approved pet enters the cover. In case your surroundings are associated with other outside cats or dogs you should never miss this pet feeder. The characteristics are unique and greatly help pet owners feed and monitor foods. This is awesome and helps to protect the percentage of food their pets consume.

Benefit of Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder:

Feeding habits are an important indicator of keeping your pet healthy. The Pet feeder Surefeed Microchip is a blessing for a pet lover. It connects with the advent of technology, and records the time.

  1. It is compliant with the whole microchip worldwide.
  2. It can work perfectly with your pet’s RFID collar tags or with current microchip implants.
  3. It can accommodate about 32 microchip IDs in its memory.
  4. It almost consists of 13.5 fl oz dry or wet food power.
  5. It stops the children from consuming or abusing the pet’s food.
  6. Selective feeder system that can avoid other animals from eating the food of your pet.
  7. It also consists of a single portioned bowl for a split portioned bowl or dry food to feed dry and wet food.
  8. It is very good for cats on special diets or approved diets.
  9. Detachable mat cover and bowl are available for quick cleaning. Rubber seal around the top edge of the bowl forms a sealed cloth that can keep the food protected and healthy.
  10. Battery life indicator.
  11. This pet feeder can work effectively on alkaline 4-C batteries.
  12. The weight will be nearly 3.3 pounds only.
  13. A three-year warranty is issued, so don’t worry about repair problems.

How to use Pet Feeder for Surefeed Microchip?

If you set up this pet feeder perfectly then you can be sure that it will be able to operate well while your pet gets close and eat their food. This feeder consists of a hood with both sides of the sensors. So when the pet is moving to the front of the sticks, feeder and sticks. Then its head gets to have food inside the cover. The Microchip ID can be found by the available sensors. And it can open by swinging transparent lid up which blocks the food to allow the pet to eat. The feeder will always remain closed and will prevent other unauthorized pet animals from eating. You have to set up the intruder mode to be on. If any unauthorized enters the bowl after that means that the lid will be closed. Once your pet eats the full food and gets away from the feeder, the door will close automatically. So, the dish will be very fresh and it can also be protected against the hands and pets of the unregistered kid.

Quite easy to use:

The Surefeed, like the other IR feeders or RFID feeders, guarantees that the pet’s head is in full contact with the exceptional RFID sensor. It is mostly because at the time of eating the food the head is always inside the cap. This mechanism will keep the lid from closing in case your cat turns its head while feeding. This is possible with the sensors positioned before the feeder. The lid will remain open for as long as the cat has its head inside the hood.

Secure for animals:

This feeder is safe for animals and kids since the lid has the ability to push the cat’s nose out of food. But if it feels like something blocking the closing like a paw or a finger, then instead of closing it will stop those lids. Then again it will try to get the process started in an effective way. The pressure the lid puts on will never hurt the pet or the children. So, there’s no need to worry about the problems you can get through this product.

Time delay modification:

A separate option is also available here for the lid to get closer. Ultimately, you can make the adjustment to the time delay with this feeder. It can be adjusted effectively in 3-time delays: 1, 2 and 3.

  1. When the delay 1 is used, the lid is closed 1 second after the contact with the microchip is over.
  2. Then, if you use the delay 2, the lid will be closed for 2 seconds after the microchip has over the contact.
  3. Then use the delay 3, after the touch with the microchip has been over the lid is closed for 3 seconds.

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